Services and Pricing

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For a truly one-of-a-kind look, choose custom free-motion and computerized quilting designs to enhance your quilt top! I also carry an extensive library of computerized border and edge-to-edge designs.

Remember, some techniques that seem simple, such as stitching-in-the-ditch, diagonal straight stitching, and echoing, are really very difficult and are considered custom quilting and are priced accordingly.



  1. Press quilt top and backing well and trim threads.

  2. Remove selvages from backing fabric before joining. Selvages have too high of a thread count and could break needles and cause stitches to skip.

  3. Backing and quilt top edges should be even and squared. Press well.

  4. Backing AND batting should be 4"-6" wider and longer than the quilt top. For example, a 50"x50" quilt should have a batting and backing of at least 58"x58".

  5. Do NOT pin or baste layers. If top is received this way there will be a charge to remove the pins or basting.

The following price ranges are figured by the square inch. To get a rough estimate, multiply the length of your quilt top by the width, then multiply that number by the price of the quilting you have in mind. A detailed estimate can be acquired by simply calling, emailing, or making an appointment to see me!

BASTING ONLY: Only for quilts that will be basted in preparation for hand quilting - $0.005 (1/2 cent) per sq. inch - minimum charge $40 

ALL-OVER QUILTING: edge-to-edge, large meandering, free form quilting going from edge to edge - $0.025 to $0.04 (2.5 cents to 4 cents) per sq. inch - minimum charge $50

CUSTOM QUILTING: stitch-in-the ditch, drop-in designs, diagonals, echo quilting, fancy or small meander, stippling, individual border work - $0.05 and up per sq. inch - minimum charge $60

For example: You have completed a quilt top that is 80" x 100". The total square inches are 8000. If interested in having light custom quilting, multiply 8000 by 0.05 to arrive at a total of $400.00.


The following prices are figured by the linear inch. To get a rough estimate, simply measure all around the perimeter of the quilt and add 18 inches for corners and overlap. Then multiply that number by the price of the binding service you would like.

You provide the fabric; I make the binding strips, machine stitch to the front and you finish the hand work on the back; $0.20 (20 cents) per linear inch

You provide the fabric; I make the binding strips, machine stitch to front and hand finish the back - $0.45 (45 cents) per linear inch.

You provide the fabric; I machine stitch to the front and back; $0.30 (30 cents) per linear inch.


I carry Hobbs 80/20 cotton blend batting (96") in stock at $0.19/linear inch for your convenience. I can also special order any other type of batting (call or email for pricing).

You may also choose to provide your own batting (make sure it is 4"-6" wider AND longer than your quilt top!). For example, if your quilt is 50"x50", ensure your batting is at least 58" x 58".

Do not use craft batting, spliced or pieced batting, batting that pulls apart easily, or batting that is labeled specifically for hand quilting only. 100% cotton, 80/20 or 50/50 cotton-poly blends, and wool batts produce the most desirable effects for all your hard work!


All threads are available in a variety of solid and variegated colors.
$5 flat fee for quilts up to 84" x 89" (Up to full size)
$8 flat fee for quilts 90" x 94" (Queen size and larger)


Rates for all specialty services will be charged only if approved by the customer first ... no surprises!

MENDING: mending seams, holes, etc. in quilt top, batting, or backing - $25 per hour; minimum charge $25

PRESSING: pressing quilt top or backing in preparation for quilting - $25 per item

SEAMING: seaming and piecing backings - $25 per seam

SPLICING: splicing batting in the event a customer batting is too small - $25 per item

SQUARING UP: squaring up quilt top or backing in preparation for machine quilting - $25 per item

UNBASTING: removing existing basting in preparation for machine quilting- $25 per hour; minimum charge $25

UNPINNING: removing existing pins in preparation for machine quilting - $25 per hour; minimum charge $25